Massachusetts DPH COVID-19 Quick Response

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Expedited Issuance of Temporary Licenses in Just a Few Short Days

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA DPH) had a number of emergency provisions and changes that needed to be quickly made in order to increase the Commonwealth’s healthcare capacity. Among these requests are the ability to issue expedited temporary licenses to Emergency Medical Responders, Physician Assistants, Respiratory Therapists and various types of nurses, to name a few. Additionally, to streamline bringing healthcare workers into the workforce, MA DPH requested support for waiving certain license renewal fees and extending expiration dates for many of the license types that they manage.

SA co-administers MyLicense with MA DPH and the team was able to quickly respond and set up over 12 new temporary license types, waive renewal fees, and extend expiration dates for many license types. This collaboration could not have been successful without the strong partnership and commitment between the System Automation and MA DPH teams. Below is a quote from the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Health Professions Licensure at MA DPH, Tim St. Laurent:

"In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA DPH) moved quickly to implement emergency provisions ordered by the Governor and the Commissioner to expedite the issuance of temporary licenses to healthcare licensees in the Commonwealth. This meant rapidly deploying online applications, waiving fee requirements, and extending expiration dates for existing licensees, among others. We partnered with System Automation to quickly respond and configure more than 12 new temporary license types that streamlined licensure for Emergency Medical Responders, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and several other license types.

Through the combined efforts of our two teams, the Commonwealth has been able to add over 1,900 licensed professionals to assist the citizens of Massachusetts. This was done in a matter of days with “all hands on deck” and strengthened the Commonwealth’s response to the COVID-19 fight.” Tim St. Laurent Deputy Director, Bureau of Health Professions Licensure Massachusetts Department of Public Health

SA takes pride in making our mission your mission. We are proud of our clients for their tireless efforts to protect our nation’s citizens and this inspires us to help solve the toughest regulatory challenges.

We are all living in unprecedented times and for all of us in the regulatory and licensing industry – there is more work to do than ever. If you or your agency needs help, support, and/or extra pairs of hands, please contact us immediately at so that we may have the chance to assist you. We are all in this together.




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